Conservative Management of Intrabony Defect

A 46 year female was referred to us in 2012 for periodontal examination and management. The main complaint was bleeding gums and sensitivity. There was no relevant medical history. The patient did not have any history of previous periodontal treatment. A comprehensive periodontal examination was performed. The patient was diagnosed with generalized moderate chronic periodontitis with localized area of advanced bone loss with 57% of sites with bleeding on probing. The 46 area had the deepest pockets with 9mm on the disto-buccal and 10mm on the disto- lingual. Radiographically, there was evidence of vertical bone loss. (see periapical radiograph taken at prior to treatment).

Patient was treated using the periodontal endoscope. The area was assessed three months later after perioscopy. Pockets depths reduced to 5mm both on the disto-buccal and disto-lingual areas of the 46 with no bleeding on probing. A periapical was taken six months after perioscopy. There was evidence of some radiographic bone fill. Patient was subsequently placed in our supportive periodontal maintenance

In 2015, the periodontal examination revealed further reduction in pocket depths with no bleeding on probing. Pocket depths reduced to 3mm distobuccal and 4mm distolingual. A follow up radiograph (vertical bitewing)was taken in 2015 to show complete bone fill of the intrabony defect.